Early Warning Exists, but is Challenged
The Head of the Research Division at the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate draws a detailed picture of the threats faced by Israel
"In the present era, the importance of Mossad and ISA is growing"
Yuval Steinitz, Minister of Intelligence, Strategic Affairs and International Relations speaks to Israel Defense about the Israeli intelligence services and about recent developments in the Middle East. Exclusive
Amir Rapaport
ISA: Thwarted Hamas' Attempt to Topple PA in the West Bank
The Shin Bet security service arrested 93 Hamas activists that formed a broad infrastructure of Hamas in the West Bank, accused of planning a third intifada with the end goal of overthrowing PA
How Hamas Was Able to Rapidly Dig Tunnels
Inside a terror tunnel that was exposed near Kibbutz Ein HaShlosha during the fighting, a China-made electric excavation machine was discovered. This machine is capable of digging several meters per day
Terrorism 101 Handbook
Captured intel reveals Hamas’ explosive plans: IDF soldiers found a Hamas training manual in Gaza, containing instructions on how to make homemade bombs
Hamas' Rocket Arsenal
Tal Inbar, Head of Space Research Center at the Fisher Institute for Air & Space Strategic Studies, attempts to analyze the arsenal of rockets in the hands of Hamas
Tal Inbar
ISIS Seizes Control of Mosul
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is continuing its military achievements on the ground. Based on social networks, Terrogence formed an intelligence picture of the situation in Iraq and ISIS' accomplishments
Waleed Rikab
Hezbollah's Unit 133 Exposed
Ronen Solomon with new details about the secret terrorist unit, which have arisen from recent affairs in which it was involved
Ronen Solomon
Israeli Intelligence in the Cold War
In contrary to claims about alleged Israeli espionage against the United States, one should note the tremendous contribution of the Israeli intelligence community in the form of information provided to the US of Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles
Rafael Ofek
Israeli Interrogation Reveals Sources of Hamas' Funding
Israel’s extended investigation of a major Hamas operative revealed Hamas’ various methods of funding its activities
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