Will China Strike against ISIS?
Report on the Financial Times and RT websites reveals that China has offered Iraq help in the form of air strikes against ISIS last September. China denies, but confirms that the Chinese government supports Iraq "in its own way"
"The Target: Advanced Russian Missiles"
Lebanese media quoted sources who claim that the target of the attacks, attributed to Israel, was advanced Russian-made air defense missiles
Hamas Operative Responsible for Car Ramming Arrested
The IDF, ISA and the Israel Police arrested Hamas operative Jamil Badawi Masalma, responsible for a car ramming attack in Jerusalem that injured three IDF soldiers. He also admitted to planning other attacks before his arrest
"US Ready to Renew Diplomatic Links with Teheran"
"The Times": Iranian and American officials discussed the possibility of a renewal of relations, for the first time in 35 years
UK Spy Chief: Social Media is a Command Center for Terror
According to AP, the new head of Britain’s electronic spying agency, GCHQ, said US-based social media have become "the command-and-control network of choice for terrorists and criminals", and that tech companies are in denial about its misuse
Report: ISIS is After Iran's Nuclear Program
"The Sunday Times" reports that a document written by a senior ISIS member was found, detailing a plan to achieve Iran's nuclear secrets. The document also contains suggestions to overthrow the ayatollahs in Tehran and assassinate Iranian officials
Hamas Renews Self-production of Rockets
The organization fired a missile into the sea, in an effort to renew its self-production of rockets in Gaza – the fifth rocket fired into the sea since Operation Protective Edge ended. Defense Minister Ya'alon: "The IDF destroyed 80% of the rockets and mortars in Gaza"
Or Heller & IsraelDefense
ISIS' Threat: Chemical and Biological
Intelligence researcher Ronen Solomon analyzes the reports of ISIS' threats to commit attacks in the subway in Paris and New York. What really drives the West to act against the Islamic State organization?
Ronen Solomon
"We Must Shape a Policy for Israeli Arabs"
MK Israel Hasson, former deputy head of the Shin Bet, said at a special symposium organized by the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC) and IsraelDefense that a policy should be designed before it is too late
Early Warning Exists, but is Challenged
The Head of the Research Division at the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate draws a detailed picture of the threats faced by Israel
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