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UVID 2014: Tactical UAS
In preparation for the Third International Unmanned Vehicles Conference (UVID) organized by IsraelDefense: a special review of the products which will be displayed in a huge exhibition. This time: Aeronautics' Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems
Are S-300 Batteries on their way to Egypt?
In case the report published on itar-tass website will materialize and the procurement deal goes through, how will Israel deal with the S-300 batteries being placed on Egyptian territory?
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Units of Combat: IDF's First UAV Squadron
Throughout Op Protective Edge, the IDF’s “First UAV Squadron” operated non-stop in order to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza. Two senior commanders in the unit reveal the details of how the squadron detected Hamas’ targets and made sure that no civilians were harmed
The End of the Cobra Era
Over the last year, IAF demobilized its veteran AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter OrBat owing to the defense budget cuts. Ofer Zidon bids farewell to the venerable weapon system that entered service following the Yom-Kippur War
Ofer Zidon
IAI: Fly-by-Wire Boom System
Successful test-flights for Israel Aerospace Industries' B767-300ER aircraft equipped with an advanced Fly-by-Wire (FBW) boom system
Spike Missiles for Helicopters of Columbia
Rafael upgrades the weapons systems of Black Hawk helicopters of the Colombian military, equipping them with Spike missiles. The goal of the project is to improve the ability of helicopters to attack ground targets
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Rising Market for Sensors
Frost & Sullivan: Record production of commercial aircraft and rising fuel costs drive development of next-generation technology sensors that aid fuel efficiency in aircraft
Teamwork in an Unmanned Aircraft
Prima facie, a paradox - how is aviation teamwork associated with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) that have no pilots? Reuven Ben-Shalom attempts to provide answers
Reuven Ben-Shalom
Aviation under Investigation
Training accidents, pilots experiencing vertigo, a bolt loosening - all of these factors are investigated by Colonel Nir and the men of MAVKA - the IAF Safety & Quality Control Administration. Their objective: to prevent the next accident
Or Heller
Israeli Fingerprints
The global avionics market is a lucrative objective for Israeli industries. Whether the parts are intended for military or civilian aircraft, the major industries as well as the smaller industries find their niches in this highly profitable market
Ami Ettinger
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