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How to Defend against Enemy Aerial Infiltrations
The Patriot surface-to-air missile system, officially known as the MIM-104, is an important part of Israel’s aerial defense. During the IDF’s most recent operation, the system executed its first three interceptions in the past 20 years
J-MUSIC Systems to be integrated in German Airbus Aircraft
Elbit Systems awarded a contract to supply its MUSIC self-protection DIRCM systems for the German Air Force’s new A400M aircraft. The contract will be performed over approximately one-year
Supporting the US Air Force
Elbit Systems U.S. ssubsidiary was awarded approximately $29 million contract to provide logistics support to the United States Air Force’s F-16 Head-Up Displays
Barak-8 Air & Missile Defense System Successfully Tested
IAI and the Israeli Ministry of Defense conducted a successful test of the Barak-8 Air & Missile Defense System: The weapon system calculated the optimal interception point, launched the Barak-8 missile into its operational trajectory that acquired the target, and successfully intercepted it
Chinese Anti-drone System
According to Chinese Xinhua news agency, China's military has developed a laser system for detecting and intercepting low-flying small drones. If the report is true, the system is a competitor against RADA's radar and perhaps also Rafael's Iron Beam
TaxiBot Makes History: Towing the Boeing 737
EASA and CAAI certified the Boeing 737 taxiing from the gate to takeoff by IAI's TaxiBot, a semi-robotic pilot controlled vehicle designed to transport airline aircraft without using the airplane's own engines
IAI's Heron will Continue to Operate in Australia
IAI's Heron UAS will continue to operate in Australia following a successful service in Afghanistan. A six-year, $120 million lease extension will see two IAI Heron surveillance UAVs remain in RAAF service until the introduction of the MQ-4C Triton
Israel to Purchase Second Squadron of F-35 from the US
The Minister of Defense and his American counterpart agreed on the acquisition of a second squadron of the advanced fighter jet. US Secretary of Defense approved the continuance of IDF procurement of American-made precision weapons
Or Heller
RT LTA to Unveil Next-Generation Tactical Aerostat
The Skystar 400 features heavier payloads, extended communication volume and range. The company announces the recent opening of its US subsidiary in Texas - RT Aerostat Systems
Elbit to Upgrade F-5
Elbit Systems was awarded approximately $85 million in contracts from an Asian customer to perform an F-5 upgrade program and to supply electro-optic and communication systems
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