Marine and Givati Exercise

Israeli and US fighters practiced built-up terrain scenarios at the IDF's Urban Combat Training Center in Ze'elim
Marine and Givati Exercise

Soldiers from the IDF Givati Brigade held a joint exercise with US Marine Corps units at the IDF Urban Combat Training Center at Ze'elim, Israel, which simulates urban enrivornments. The exercise was carried out over the course of two days, in which the participating forces practiced combat in a variety of urban combat scenarios.

The forces exercised seizing large structures and areas, arrests and counter terrorism, among other things, with each side learning from the other's knowledge and experience.

"During this exercise, each side served as a simulation of the other side's enemy, so that we observed different defense tactics than those we use," said Maj. Nadav Danino, Commander of the Givati Reconnaissance unit. "These are things that are significant from an operational perspective, and we received feedback that strengthened us considerably."

This was the first time that US Marines visited the IDF training center, and according to Maj. Danino, the exercise was very successful from a professional perspective. When the Givati brigade was established, it was originally intended to be a brigade similar in nature to the US Marines - infantry fighters specializing in operations from the sea, but this designation was subsequently altered.